Designer Spotlight: Linda Beeson

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Good Monday Morning!

What a great way to start off the week with a Designer Spotlight. Today we would like to introduce you to Linda Beeson.

Here is a little bit about Linda in her own words:

My name is Linda Beeson, I live in Ventura, CA with my husband of over 40 years. We both are actually from Washington state but have loved our years in California. We have raised four kids and now enjoy six wonderful and adorable grandchildren. I work at home for my husband and I have an office, so it was completely normal that it would also be a craft room. Honestly if I could do crafts all day long, I would be happy.

I started rubber stamping something like 20 years ago, that evolved into scrapbooking and now you will find me doing just about any kind of papercrafting, mostly cards. One of my absolute favorite things in creating is to experiment and I feel that Core’dinations papers just want you to play with them to see what you can do next, so I know I am going to really enjoy sharing that with the crafting world.

And here are a few projects Linda has created with some My Little Shoebox goodies from our 2,4,6,8 Core’dinate series. We love showing you how well Core’dinations Core’dinate with our fellow scrapbooking manufacturers.

Linda did some sanding to create the pattern on the background of this card. It reminds me of graphic patterned paper, what a great money saving tip, too.

The detail on this card is brilliant! Linda makes such beautiful cards, and these are no exception.


16 Responses to “Designer Spotlight: Linda Beeson”
  1. Pamela Young says:

    These are fantastic!!!

  2. Rockin’ cards, Linda!

  3. hera says:

    love the flowers on the diamonds Linda. Brilliant cards!

  4. Linda, great job on these cards and your creativity is so inspiring.
    I love the core’dinations cardstock, there are so many options with this paper……..

  5. Heather Bowser says:

    Your cards are lovely!

  6. Your cards are awesome!


  7. I love the line you created on the background of the cards. What did you use? Fabulous!

  8. Beautiful as always Linda !

  9. These are gorgeous! Linda is such a brilliant designer!

  10. angela p says:

    Lovely cards, as always Linda!! Love how you make the cardstock such an integral part of your designs, not just the background!!

  11. Mary Griffin says:

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  12. Scrapbooking was one of my hobbies when i was in high school and college. it was quite fun.`,’

  13. Edward Young says:

    my daughter loves to do some scrapbooking and she is good at that~:~

  14. my little sister loves scrapbooking a lot, she uses those recycled paper materials and stuffs like that.-*

  15. my daughter have been doing some scrapbooking stuffs over the years and she really likes it .,’

  16. Jed Watkins says:

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