Designer Spotlight: Hera Frei

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Design Team Member, Hera Frei!

Here is a little about Hera in her own words:

I fell in love with my Swiss husband almost 13 years ago under the Eifel Tower! We now have 2 sons, aged 6 and 10. I am from New Zealand originally but have lived in Germany and Switzerland for the last 14 years. Before children I was an accountant but my creative-side emerged almost four years ago and after my family, scrapbooking rules my life – from what we wear to where we go to how we pose!! Inspiration arrives in many forms for me – from the mouths and hearts of my children, the grocery packaging, crossing the border to one of the 5 countries that surround us or just by relaxing with my morning cappuccino whilst drooling over the latest home and garden magazine. I have had several creations published in magazines in the United States, England, Australia and New Zealand but best of all, is seeing my two sons browsing the albums all about our life!

Check out all the repeating circles on this layout by Hera. It really keeps your eye moving around the page to see all the different Core’dination Cardstock she used {Chocolate Box with green core, Vintage Flower Power and Core Essentials Green}.

Don’t forget that tomorrow is the LAST day to get your projects linked to this post for our contest! The entries have been great so far!


2 Responses to “Designer Spotlight: Hera Frei”
  1. Awesome job – love what you did with the circles and tearing!

  2. serena says:

    beautiful page. I love the subject matter – I have a daugther who has a hemangioma – a vasculare birthmark – on her face. It has involuted and almost disappeared now that she is older but it was quite large when she was little. I just recently completed a page on her birthmark with pictures from 8 years ago.

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