Corporate Canine Challenge!

September 14, 2009 by  
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We have a visitor in the Core’dinations Office this morning. His name is Duke and he loves spilling coffee, running off with packs of Super Assortments from the closet, and looking out the window. In a highly unscientific pole where we placed a sheet of Black Magic, Vintage, Whitewash, and Chocolate Box on the floor, Duke – the chocolate lab – went for the Chocolate Box!

Here’s a picture of Duke. I challenge you to print it out and create a Duke-inspired layout!

Duke, the Core'dinations Corporate Canine!


2 Responses to “Corporate Canine Challenge!”
  1. Ellen says:

    he is so cute!!!
    he looks just like my Max 😉

  2. aweeeeeeeeeeeeeee he is such a cutie!!
    i will play with you guys this weekend,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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