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1. What is your most treasured Holiday memory?
One of my most cherished Christmas memories is a bit of a sad one. The year my Dad died Christmas was very quiet there was just my mother, my brother and I. We spend all of Christmas morning in my Mothers bed and my brother and I took turns going down stairs to fetch a gift for each of us from under the tree. It stands out in my mind as really special becuase it was truly one of the most relaxed Christmas’s. It was about comfort and Joy. It was not loud and crazy there were no big meals to plan and no where for us to go. Now don’t get me wrong I love the crazy loud christmas’s. The whole family thing and running around. But this one Christmas, was just what my broken heart needed at the time, A Peaceful, warm and safe white Christmas.

2. Do you have any special Holiday traditions that are unique to you and your family? We have one of the coolest holiday traditions, every year we make Christmas Strawberries. These Tasty treats are mostly made of coconut and are topped with a green cherry and green tooth pick. They are a ton of fun to make with the kids and are delicious. I have never come across anything like them, it has been a secret family recipes for as long as I can remember.

3. What holiday crafts are you creating for this festive season.
This year I have been having so much fun crafting. I have sewed two gifts. {sorry I can’t share those until after christmas, you never know who will see this} I have made an advent Calender and I am hosting a Christmas Card making party at my house this week. On top of that I am doing some fun daily crafts with the kids. We are making Foam snowmen, paper snowflakes, painting toy trains and pipe cleaner garlands. There is an activity for every day in advent.

Here is a layout Lydia did for the Holidays. If you can’t get excited for the Holidays from this sweet face than I don’t think there is hope for you! 😉

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