The second to last day of our Countdown has arrived…

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And here on the East Coast it is cooooooooold and we just got hit with a ton of snow! We have our final day for the countdown today with Ellen Sosnoski.

Make sure you check back later this week…we will still be blogging!

1. What is your most treasured Holiday memory? My favorite Holiday memory is making cookies with my Grandma and Aunt Sandra. Every year I would go over to one of their houses and we would bake ALL day. We made THREE batches of butter cookies. Since I was the young one, I had to mix everything {you have to do it by hand at the end} and I would have to do the cookie press. I still swear til this day that they just used me for my muscles 😉 But seriously…it was “our thing” and even when I was in college I would go over on Thanksgiving break before I left and we would bake the day away. This is the first year we made Grandma’s butter cookies without her.

2. Do you have any special Holiday traditions that are unique to you and your family? We have started some on our own, one of the most fun ones is the Pickle. There is a German tradition to hide the pickle ornament on the tree and the first one up that finds it gets a special present. Owen and I also make some kind of Gingerbread structure every year…this year we are making a train.

3. What kind of {scrapbooking} projects are you creating this year for this Holiday Season? I did a lot of hand crafted things this year…a lot more than other years. I did a few ornaments, some altered tins for gifts and an advent wall hanging. No cards though, I still order them 😉

Here is a little Wall Hanging I did using some Chocolate box Cardstock:

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