What Color Means to us…

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Beauty without colour seems somehow to belong to another world. ~Murasaki Shikibu~

Today we are here showcasing how our  Design Team was inspired by color using Stacy Julian’s Core Impression line.  Make sure you check back on Friday for some cards (okay, okay and maybe a few more layouts 😉


We will announce a winner Monday.

You can sand the words lightly so the jump off the page…

Hera Frei:

Sarah Hodginkson:

Cari Locken:

Linda Beeson:

Debbie Standard:

OR you could leave the Cardstock as is like Paula Gilarde did here:

and Lydia Jackson did on the background sheet:

You can also check out Scrapbook and Cards Today blog for some more color inspiration from Stacy here.

A few other notes, we will announce the winner of the from the myStamp BOX blog swap Friday so stay tuned!


71 Responses to “What Color Means to us…”
  1. AnnieB says:

    Can you even imagine a world without color??? My favorites are blues, greens and purples!

  2. Ki Kruk says:

    I tend to be drawn to bright colors (orange is my absolute fave) because it lifts my spirits!

  3. Katie says:

    The colors of key lime paired with a pink, the energetic purple of my amethyst in my engagement ring, the yellows of lemons, the shimmering aqua that reflects into my kitchen from my pool in the summer, coffee-bean brown, and the contrast of the burned-brown against the white of a marshmallow for som’mores. Love the yellow that Linda Beeson used in her layout and the blue in Debbie’s.

  4. NWFlamingo says:

    I love rainbows and bright colors. I also love black and white or gray paired with bright colors because they really pop. The “ema” layout just makes me feel good!

  5. heidig says:

    Our entire lives are inspired by color – outdoor colors, indoor colors, the color of our clothing, the colors we use to create – the fabric of our lives is all about color. Love this new line by Stacy Julian and I love the layouts using her new happy colors!

  6. jennybean says:

    Colors can inspire us in all sorts of ways! My bedroom is a light blue because I find it relaxing and restful. My scrap room is a pale green because I find it inspires my creativity. Lastly, my kitchen is RED because it gets me moving!

  7. Melinda Wilson says:

    I have always used color to inspire so many aspects of my life. What color car, color of my bedroom, etc. I really love to use certain colors in scrapbooking to bring out the emotions of the event or person.

  8. falwyn says:

    Ah color – I want to use it more purposefully in my home! Right now I love expanses of kraft or white with multicolored dots, stripes or designs – it just brings delight and energy to my whole being.

  9. viki says:

    I LOVE COLOR…it’s everywhere in my home and scrapbook pages. It makes me happy, it makes me smile and it makes me relax. Love Love the color RED…it inspires me to get up and move.

  10. Sandy Ang says:

    Colour influences my mood – blue/greens relaxes me, reds/oranges excites me, purples intrigues me and black/white stablises me.

  11. Mandie says:

    I just love color! I think that’s why I love to scrapbook so much… I get to play with all sorts of beautiful colored papers and mix and match them in to gorgeous layouts!

  12. jan m says:

    Color can reflect style, a mood, nature, energy, oh the possibilities!!

  13. Pamk says:

    man I love those colors so vibrant almost glowing. I tend to us lots of cardstock in my layouts and these would be perfect. I love using colors to set the mood you just need teh write color and you can do that.
    scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com

  14. Sherri Stone says:

    I love the delicious color purple – it reminds me of popsicles and grapes! My bedroom and bathroom have lots of plum to liven the space up! Of course I LOVE all the colors out there but purple rocks for me:D I’m so excited that this cardstock is embossed already!

  15. Jean Marmo says:

    I just love these colorful layouts! Color makes me happy and inspires me to put it to good use! Your layouts certainly make me want to dig out paper and play!

  16. JenGallacher says:

    I’m happiest when working with rich and happy colors. I also love the subtle backgrounds textured cardstock adds!

  17. Lara Carson says:

    Color is something that makes me happy! I love brights and softs hues! Gem tones make me very happy!

  18. Denise C. says:

    Color lifts up my mood. Give my a bright bold beautiful product or room and it makes me happy 🙂

  19. Sherry says:

    There is something about bold and bright colors that just make you smile when you see them and then putting combinations together to see what you can create can be such fun!

  20. Color is so vital to most people. It creates a mood and adds vitality to the moment. In our homes, our clothing, our food presentation, the sky each day, and on and on, including any artistic endeavors we may pursue.


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