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Good Morning!

Today we are sharing a tutorial with your from Cortney Yarwood. She was one of our Black Magic Winners during our week of give-a-ways over Halloween. We LOVE seeing what you create with Core’dinations and this project is no exception.


  • 3 Scalloped circles that are 3 inches in diameter ( I used the Mini Monograms cartridge for mine) (see below for non-cricut instructions)
  • Adhesive
  • Embellishments of you choice (buttons are fun but so are gems and what not or another smaller die cut)

STEP 1 Take one of your little scalloped circles and fold it in half…try to keep the fold in the “V” portion of the scallop (versus splitting the circled portion in half)

STEP2 With the scallops facing toward you …take the left side of the circle and fold it toward the center (imagine a line that is splitting the half circle you have in half ..and fold this side to that imaginary line…) repeat with the right side as well.

STEP3 Reopen those folds from step 2 some what so that you are looking at a little cone shape on the left and the right. (this is noticeable if you have kept the scalloped edge facing you )

STEP4 You will notice that there are the fold lines at the top part of this cone. You want to take that fold line and push it flat (basically squashing it) Do this to both sides. You should end up with what looks like 3 cone shapes (the end two have more dimension..the middle portion is flat.) You have just made your first petal.

STEP 5 If you haven’t done so already…repeat with the remaining circles.


Take your 3 petals and arrange them in a circle with the fancy edge on the outside edge. Please note that you might have to over lap and fiddle with them to create this…this is not one of those projects that fits together tight like a puzzle. It gets a little lumpy and bumpy and that is how it should look. No two flowers are alike..and all have different elements to them that adds character.
Once you have them arranged the way you want place adhesive on the back side of each circle (this is the side that is essentially flat all the way across)
Embellish the little center opening as you see fit.
Also if you made this and don’t have a particular project in mind at the moment …mount the petals in the circle formation to a small piece of scrap paper and save for a later project!

I hope you had a lot of fun!

AND Cortney even shared with us what do do if you don’t have a Cricut!    NO CRICUT? NO PROBLEM!!!

If you are anything like me…I hate not being able to do something because I don’t have the right piece of equipment. I fiddled around a little and this can be done with out the cricut machine.


Something round to trace (soup can or something similar
a pair of fancy edged scissors (mine are those ones from craft stores that are around a buck a pair) and your adhesive and embellishments.

First find something round to trace (soup can is usually something everyone one has in the cabinet) Find one that is roughly going to give you the size you want. Maybe a little bigger…because you are going to be making two cuts.

Trace and cut the circle out.

Fold this circle in half.  Now take a pair of those fancy edged scissors and trim the half circle (this will be the open edge not the folded one).  Now you can proceed with the directions listed above.

Here is another version on a card:

Make sure you show us what you do with this great tutorial! Thanks Cortney!


7 Responses to “Facebook Friday”
  1. Jenn K says:

    Awesome job Cort! Love this!

  2. Sandra ltb says:

    fun tag!

  3. Lori Garrett says:

    Beautiful creation for mini gifts!

  4. AmyC says:

    awesome Cortney

  5. ava says:

    thanks for sharing the details….appreciated

  6. Elizabeth P says:

    Really cool ! How hard would it be (before I start) to use a regular scallop punch…not a huge one, just a 1.5 ” or so ?

  7. cor says:

    Elizabeth P. I wouldn’t see why it wouldn’t work. I don’t have any punches that size or I would have tried. If you try it let me know. working with smaller sizes requires a little more patience but the folds are what creates the results.

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