Make your own Flocking with Susan Weckesser!

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Good Morning!

Today we have the COOLEST tutorial for you from Susan Weckesser on how to create your own flock with the fibers from

sanding Core’dinations Cardstock. Make sure you KEEP reading!

Here is Susan in her own words:

See the cute little birdie?  This is what we are going to learn today. AND if you like videos, check it the one that Susan made just for us here on YouTube!

I LOVE DISTRESSING and RIPPING my paper all the time!!! However, one day I noticed that I was making a LOT of ‘dust’ that looked like ‘FLOCKING’. So, I started to collect it and use it just like flocking and this is how I did it

Samples of my Core’dination flocking in jars.

The ‘core’ in the Core’dinations Cardstock, which is paper fibre, creates the neat flocking look. Each style of Core’dinations Cardstock will create a slightly different look.

This is from some Core Essentials

This one is from some Black Magic…can you see the flecks of black in the flocking?

I used a pair of scissors to easily loosen the paper fibres that I wanted to collect to make my projects. Please watch my You Tube video at the end of my blog post to see exactly how I did it!

I them used Kuretake 2 way Glue to outline where I wanted to place my ‘flocking’.

I placed some of the paper flocking on and then neatly edged it into place with a popsicle stick! So easy and fast!

You can add more than one color to your designs and you can add embellishments like rhinestones! There really aren’t any limits to what you can do!

AND make sure you check out Susan’s Video here.  It’s awesome!

Thanks so much Susan!!!


6 Responses to “Make your own Flocking with Susan Weckesser!”
  1. Tona says:

    What a clever idea!

  2. YEAH!! Not the one person to think of saving every part of the core!! =) LOVE IT!! THANKS for the video!! Have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)

  3. Fabulous Idea – I could sure put some of my core’dinations dust to use this way!

  4. Blog Larson says:

    Cool! The dust looks so cool with the design! Now that’s what you call resourcefulness of a scrapbook enthusiast! What’s nice with scrapbook is you can actually make use of everything! Even left over cards can be used as dusts! One of the main problem scrapbookers are facing is the price of supplies for the project and by using left over cards from cut outs you can actually save a penny! Please check my site too for additional scrapbooking guides and techniques!

  5. bethann d says:

    ok, i’ve finally found someone who recylces more than me. i’ll definatly will be doing this, what a cool idea and a great look

  6. Andrea Amu says:

    This is so cool, Susan!
    I had been wanting to try this myself! 😉

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