She runs…she shoots..she SCORES!

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Okay maybe we don’t have that kind of “Score”  here at the Core Blog but we got something BETTER!

We do this kind of SCORING! Need some more tips?  Make sure you check out our videos here. The possibilities are endless. You can make any design you want!!!! There is one  important tip  to remember when you are  SCOR with CORE.

Remember to score from the BACK of the cardstock. That way the raised scor image is on the front and you can sand it.

Design Team Member Leica Forrest scor’d her heart out on these layouts.

Core Essentials works beautifully for scoring. Notice the outline sanding Leica did for her title, too? SO COOL!

This layout is jam-packed with technique, too. From the embossed Black Magic scalloped shapes (using Spellbinder’s dies)to the  scoring and use of the label maker…

This is one awesome layout!


5 Responses to “She runs…she shoots..she SCORES!”
  1. Tona says:

    2 great layouts! Core is like magic cardstock 🙂

  2. Ah, love it! I would never have thought about scoring!

  3. Oh this is really beautiful! Great job and great inspirations

  4. Andrea Amu says:

    That scoring looks fabulous, Leica!
    Great pages 🙂

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