Patriotic Wooden Candle Holder

Hi all! Tami Mayberry here with you today to share another quick and easy home decor project perfect for summer. As I have mentioned, I love anything USA or red/white/blue. So this candle holder is another perfect addition to my collection.


Patriotic Candle Holder Supplies:

For this project I actually started with a Halloween candle holder that I bought at a garage sale! But, combine it with some Core’dinations Tim Holtz Kraft Core Nostalgic Collection and a little embossing and you have a whole new look!


Step 1: Select square die slightly smaller that block side. Die-cut 5 squares from No. 4 (red) cardstock.


Step 2: Emboss four of the square panels using woodgrain embossing folder; sand lightly using Sand It Gadget.


Step 3: Select circle die the same size as top opening.


Step 4: Die-cut circle shape from center of remaining square.


Step 5: Adhere all pieces to candle base.

Step 6: Die-cut stars and “USA” from  No. 16 (navy) cardstock; sand as desired using Sand It Gadget*. Adhere to candle base as shown.


Step 7: Sponge edges of candle block with paint as desired; wrap with twine.


*Tip: Add a mix of sanded and non-sanded pieces to add variety and interest.



DIY Patriotic Banner

Are you looking for a fun, patriotic, banner for your Fourth of July Celebrations?  Why not this simple half circle banner?  With the new Core Basics Patterned papers, Tim Holtz Metallic Kraft Core and a bit of string you will be flying your banner in no time.


Patriotic Banner Supplies:

banner_suppliesStep 1:  Cut Patterned papers into circle shapes.  I chose to alternate the pattern by doing some large red and some large blue.  The largest circles were cut to 6 inches.  The white Polka Dot Pops to 4 inches and the inside circles to 3 inches.  I cut enough circles to make 8 completed pennants. (four of each color and eight of the white).

banner_cut_circlesStep 2:  Cut 16 stars from the Tim Holtz Metallic Kraft Core paper.

banner_starsStep 3:  Assemble your circles by layering the colored circles.   I created a large red circle with a blue center…

banner_redand a large blue circle with a red center, glue securely.



Step 4:  Fold each set of circles in half and attach one of the Tim Holtz Metallic Kraft Core stars on each half.


Step 5:  Place twine through the folded circles and adhere the circle closed.  Be sure to add plenty of adhesive as you don’t want your banner to unfold or your layers to peel back.

banner_stringThis little banner is so much fun, and by having the design on both sides it can easily be used in any location.




Bright Scraps Statement Necklace

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Hi guys!  Adrianne here with you today, sharing an idea with you to use up those scraps of your favorite paper.  (Because we’re paper addicts, we never throw those scraps away, do we?)  Using a small round punch and some wooden discs, you can turn your love of scrapping into a favorite accessory.  Long necklaces are hot right now, especially when layered with other pieces, so you don’t have to give up your daily jewelry to try something new.  Sound fun?  I’ll show you how!


You only need the most basic of jewelry supplies to make this project, so if jewelry-making is a new endeavor for you, don’t be nervous!  Here’s what you will need to make a bright and cheerful statement necklace.

Core Statement Disc Necklace 3

Bright Scraps Statement Necklace Supplies:

Step 1. Punch 12 circles of your favorite papers – two for each round disc.  I used pink on one side, gray on the other, in various patterns.

Core Statement Disc Necklace 4

Step 2.  Use Mod Podge to adhere the paper circles to your wooden discs.  I use a craft squeegee to ensure a tight seal – use the Mod Podge to glue the circle on, then press the squeegee across the surface of the disc, squeezing out excess Mod Podge and any bubbles.

Core Statement Disc Necklace 5

Step 3. Cover your discs with 2 thin coats of Mod Podge, allowing them to dry for about 15 minutes in between each coat.

Core Statement Disc Necklace 6

Step 4.  When your discs have dried, sand the edges with your Sand-It Gadget.  This will ensure that you keep a tight seal on each one, with no edges to come loose.  You can also take this time to add a bit of ink to the edges, if you wish.  I added silver ink to help the discs blend better with my silver chain.  I didn’t sweat perfect coverage – I just added enough to give the edges just a hint of silver.

Core Statement Disc Necklace 7

Step 5. Punch two holes in each disc, one on each side.  The Crop-a-Dile handles this task well, though any heavy-duty 1/16″ punch will work!  Be sure not to get too close to the edge, or the wood may become fragile.  About 4mm from the edge is a perfect distance.

Core Statement Disc Necklace 8

Step 6.  Cut lengths of chain to fit between the discs.  In many cases, you will be able to twist open the links in the chain to separate it, but some chains may require cutting with wire cutters.  I cut 5 lengths at 3 inches long, and a 6th length of 6 inches (to go around the neck).  This will give you a necklace approximately 27 inches long, which is a nice length for this style.  If you prefer longer or shorter, then make adjustments to the 6th length of chain.  (Note: necklaces 22 inches or shorter will require adding a clasp.  Longer necklaces can slip right over your head.)

Attach the chain to the discs using jump rings.  Twist open the jump rings with your jewelry pliers, add the chain and disc onto the open ring, and then twist it closed again.  When all pieces are connected, you’re finished!

Core Statement Disc Necklace 9

This is a fun, casual style that looks great with a t-shirt, and is sure to be unlike any other!  You can even add stencils, stickers, or other embellishments before coating each disc with Mod Podge to make each disc even more special.


~ Adrianne


Kids Summer Activity: Paper Sack Puppets

The kids are out of school, and it’s time to start doing some fun activities with them. I know my boys love to be artistic and put little crafts together and play with them, so I designed these fun Paper Sack Puppets for them to put together and play with.


Paper Sack Puppets Supplies:


Step 1. Using scissors or a digital die cutting machine, cut out all of the shapes that you need. Lay out all your pieces to make sure you have what you need.


Step 2. Using the adhesive, put your animal faces together. Adhere the face to the top flap of the bag. Also adhere the mouth parts inside the flap.


Step 3. Let your kids do a puppet show!

paper-sack-animal-puppetsMy boys thought the inside of the mouths were so fun!

open-mouth-puppetsHelp your kids make some puppets and they will be sure to have fun for hours! I know my boys sure are enjoying these puppets!




Handmade Cards with Core Smooth Tags

Hi there Core fans! Suzanna here to share with you a couple of cards I created using smooth Core Tags.

“I Love You” Tag Card

First up, an obvious tag card. This is clearly a tag and I have done nothing to disguise that fact! The sentiment is stamped on the tag and becomes the main focus of the card. The smooth tags are perfect for stamping and the 300gsm paper ensures that the tags don’t curl.



“I Love You” Tag Card Supplies:

“Hello Sunshine” Tag Card

Tag?! Yup, there is a CoreTag there! It’s covert; under cover of Gelatos, nestled in the heart of the sun rays! The hole of the circle tag is hiding under the bottom of the ‘o’. Again, a smooth CoreTag, and it withheld the water from my waterbrush used to blend the Gelato. I don’t think you have known it was a Core Tag had I not told you, that’s how diverse these tags can be!



“Hello Sunshine” Card Supplies:

  • Core’dinations Super Assortment
  • Core’dinations Smooth CoreTags
  • Embossing Folder – Lifestyle Crafts
  • Die – Serendipity Stamps
  • Stamp – Heidi Swapp
  • Stickers – Evalicious
  • Stickles – Tim Holtz
  • Gelatos – Faber Castell
  • Thread – Gutterman

 ~Suzanna Lee


Paper Wedding Lanterns

Wedding season is officially upon us!  Are you attending any weddings this year?  Or perhaps you’re planning one, or helping the bride to be make some choices?  I’ve got a fun and easy idea for the paper addicts out there: make white paper lanterns, adorned with sweet vellum quotes!  They’re a beautiful addition to a bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, or any occasion along the way.

Wedding-Lanterns-23Wedding Lantern Supplies:

Wedding Lanterns 3

Step 1. Die-cut your pieces for the lantern, and choose which quotes you want to appear inside.  Because all the quotes are different (and different shapes, sizes, and messages) you will find that only about a third of them fit the window of this particular die exactly.

Wedding Lanterns 4

Step 2.  Cut your vellum to fit, and glue it into the lantern panels.

Step 3. Fold and assemble each lantern.  Tip: if you’re struggling to keep wet glue held together long enough for it to bond, try using an easily-removable tape, like washi tape, to hold the seams together while they dry!  Just be extra-careful when removing the tape.

Wedding Lanterns 5

Step 4.  Light it up!  Switch LED candles on (please, please don’t attempt to use real candles in paper lanterns) and place them on the lantern bases.  The lanterns just slip over the top.

Wedding-Lanterns-6The vellum quotes make all the difference.  I especially love this one: you warm my heart.  It’s like it was made to be lit up!

Wedding-Lanterns-1Thanks for joining me today, and happy wedding planning!




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