Teacher Appreciation Pencil Flower Bouquet

Teacher Appreciation Day is coming up in just a few weeks and now’s the time to get creating if you want to make a special handmade gift!  Today I am going to share with you how to transform plain old pencils into a beautiful bouquet just like this! And although it looks like it would take a lot of time, Core’dinations new Party Mixers make this project quick and easy!


Pencil Flower Bouquet Supply List:

Pencil Bouquet Supply List

Step 1: Wrap Glitter Tape around the pencils to pretty up the stems.  I left about 2 inches at the bottom of the pencil so that they could be sharpened and usable if she wanted them to be used.

Step 2: Add a dot of hot glue to the eraser tip and attach a rosette there.

Pencil Bouquet Closeup 1

Step 3:  Continue to add all the Rosettes to the pencils.  I did ten total and that filled out the pot nicely.

Technique Tip: Because of the canvas texture of the Core Cardstock and the thickness these will soak up the hot glue quickly and don’t need much time at all to dry.  I spent less than five minutes doing the glue part!

Pencil Bouquet Closeup 2

Step 4: Add the Paper Pops to the center of the Rosettes using a quick drying liquid adhesive.Pencil Bouquet Closeup 4

Technique Tip: As you go through your Paper Pops package make sure you look at both sides of the Pops!  At first I wasn’t sure how to use them thinking I had a lot of letters and that wasn’t going to work for my flowers.  But when I flipped them over I figured out they have a cute icon on the back of each one!  Perfect for this project and so versatile!

Pencil Bouquet Closeup 5

Step 5: Add some ribbon to your pot and fill it with rice (or beans or coffee beans or something that will help hold your pencils in place)


Party Mixers made this project so easy!  I love how versatile they are and that they can be used for all kinds of celebrations!  I don’t know a teacher out there who wouldn’t love to receive something like this!  I think I may make one for my homework area at home!




XL Tag Photo Display with NEW Adhesive Glitter Paper

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One of the frustrations of creating DIY crafted home décor is being limited by the size of paper offered. This adhesive cardstock measures a generous 12×24 inches, is self-adhesive, and non-shed glitter. It can be run through any electronic cutting machine on the vinyl setting. This project shows how nice it is to be able to utilize the larger size on a home décor project that measures 18″ and would normally need to be covered with two pieces of 12×12 craft paper. Additionally, since this cardstock is self-adhesive, no messy glues were required!

a14XL Tag Photo Display Supplies List:



Step One: Untie the section of jute from the wooden tag, set aside for later use. Sand any rough edges.  Turn the adhesive cardstock over to the back side and trace the outline of the XL tag on cardstock backing using a pencil.


Cut the tag shape out using the pencil markings. Remove adhesive backing. Apply the adhesive cardstock over the top of the wooden tag- take care to smooth out any bubbles. Using a craft knife, trim any excess cardstock from sides and hole of the wooden tag.

Step Two:  Using silver glitter adhesive cardstock piece, make a standard hole punch, leaving approximately 1″ from the bottom of the cardstock piece.


Using a 1″ craft punch, position the punch over the standard hole punch, and center the craft punch. This will create a circle with a perfect centered hole- for the “grommet” on the wooden tag.


Peel adhesive backing off of the cardstock “grommet” and apply to tag, over the hole. Replace jute piece stringing it through the hole.

Step Three:  Select letters to spell out “SMILE” or other chosen word. Adhere letters to end of the wooden tag.

Designer tip: I always like to adhere the front letter, and the back letter- and then space the middle letters out evenly.

Step Four:  Using silver glitter adhesive cardstock piece, cut two sections of cardstock to fit the tops of the wooden clothespins. Peel back adhesive and apply to clothespins. Adhere clothespins to wooden tag. Insert photos into clothespins.

Step Five:  Continue to embellish project as desired.


I added some pretty paper flowers to the fill some space on the left side of my tag.


Designer note: It would be simple to change the orientation of this XL Wooden Tag. Follow all steps, turn the tag vertically, and adhere 1 wooden clothespin to the top center of the tag. This would be a perfect size for a 5×7, vertically oriented photo.



“Best Teacher” Cupcake Box

Hi Core Fans!  It’s Joann with you today. “Teacher Appreciation Day” is May 5th and I thought I would share with you a fun little cupcake treat box for that special teacher!  It has been some time since my family has been in school but I never forgot those special teachers that help guide our children’s education.  They deserve an entire month or more in my opinion!


Best Teacher” Cupcake Box Supplies:

Joann-Larkin-Best-Teacher-Cupcake-Box-Supplies-e1426538442611To make this project follow these steps.

Step 1.  Start by cutting the pieces for your box out.  The base of the box was cut using Core Black Notebook Card Stock with the accessories cut out using Core Couture Glitter Cardstock.

Tip: The Core glitter cardstock is not only a heavy weight cardstock but gives you that added punch of glitter without having glitter everywhere.  When working with the Core glitter cardstock the glitter remains intact on the page which makes it both easier to work with and SO much easier to clean-up when you are done!


Step 2.  Assemble the box pieces allowing each to fully dry before moving onto the next piece.


Step 3.  Attach your decorative elements before you close the box. I found it is much easier to do at this stage.


Step 4.  Finally, close up your box, finish decorating as desired and place a yummy cupcake into the box :)


Thanks for stopping by for a peek… Have a wonderful day my crafty friends!



Outrageously Fun Owl Box

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Are you looking for a unique and fun gift box idea?  Maybe just a cute, child friendly project that will hold a few treasures?  Why not these Outrageously Fun Owls?


Owl Box Supplies:

owls_coredinations_nancy keslin_suppliesStep 1: Cut pillow box.  I chose to make my owl 6 3/4 inches by 4 1/2.

owls_coredinations_nancy keslin_cut boxStep 2:  For added interest, sand the box with your Sand it Tool.  At this time I assembled the box so that I could see where the owl “parts” would go.

owls_coredinations_nancy keslin_sand itStep 3:  Begin cutting Owl “parts”.  Two white circles approximately 2 inches wide for eyes.

owls_coredinations_nancy keslin_white circles

One three inch circle, cut in half, for the wings.  Again, sand this piece for extra texture and interest.

owls_coredinations_nancy keslin_wings

One two inch circle and a small triangle for the feet and beak.  Feel free to sand if you like.

owls_coredinations_nancy keslin_orange

Two black one and 1/2 inch circles for the pupils,

owls_coredinations_nancy keslin_black

Sixteen or so one inch circles for the feathers.  Don’t worry if they don’t punch perfectly, we are going to layer them so you can hide your mistakes.  hee hee
owls_coredinations_nancy keslin_feathersStep 4:  Time to assemble.  Begin applying the “feathers” in rows across the box.  Be sure to not place the feathers where your box will fold up.  Add orange “feet” on top.

owls_coredinations_nancy keslin_layer 1Step 5:  Add wings and the whites of the eyes next.

owls_coredinations_nancy keslin_layer 2Step 6:  Finish with the pupils and beak.

owls_coredinations_nancy keslin_layer 3This project is so fun and easy to make; and the owls are totally outrageous.  The new Core Basic Patterns create the most adorable feathers and coordinate beautifully with the Tillie Dot papers.  I hope you give them a try, my littles did.




Love Themed Rosette Wall Art

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Hi Core Fans!   It’s Joann and today I am excited to share with you a cute piece of wall art that also utilizes the new Party Mixers Rosettes.  I saw a similar piece of wall art at one of my local home decor stores and used the inspiration to create my own version!

Joann-Larkin-I-Heart-You-e1426519957280Love Themed Rosette Wall Art Supplies:


To make this project follow these steps.

Step 1.  Start by cutting out 2 frames in White and a third frame out of chipboard for some extra strength.


Step 2.  Next, cut at least one outline out of White card stock.  I actually cut this 3 times.


Step 3.  For the hearts, cut one heart with the frame out using Core Couture Glitter Cardstock and an additional 8 hearts using paper from the Core Essentials Darks Collection .  I also embossed the hearts to add more texture.

Tip: I apologize that I forgot to show this in my step by step photos but Core cardstock is the absolute best cardstock for embossing!  I like to “very lightly” spritz a little water on the paper before I emboss it.  This allows the fibers to relax and you will get a deeper, more defined emboss without the paper tearing!


Step 4. Now it is time for the fun!  Glue the base pieces together and layer on the frame outlines.  After the glue has dried, I took 2 of the inside panels and embossed them before attaching.


Step 5. The letters were cut out separately using the Core 12×24 Adhesive Backed Glitter Paper.  Simply peel back the adhesive protector and apply to the face of the letters!  It’s just that easy :)


Step 6.  The sentiments were made from Core “Love” Vellum Quotes & Titles layered on Core 12×24 Adhesive Backed Glitter Paper and die cut with a Spellbinders die.


Step 7.  Finish the last panel (you can use anything you desire here but I decided to use the Heartfelt Creations “Embrace Time Background Cling Stamp Set.


Step 8.  Assemble the largest rosette by following the package directions.  This Rosette is 14″ in diameter and can be assembled in about a minute.  The glue is already applied.  All that needs to be done is remove the protective cover for the glue strip, fasten the 2 pieces together and then using the screws and round centers (included), finish the Rosette off.


Step 9.  Fasten the pre-assembled wall art to the rosette using hot glue and finish decorating as desired.  Once complete, find a lovely place in your home to hang this up and watch the reactions of everyone that sees it!


Thanks for stopping by for a peek… Have a wonderful day my crafty friends!



Wood Block Calendar

Good Morning!!! Tami Mayberry here with you today to share a new project I recently created for my home. I love this calendar because it can be used year after year and matches my decor perfectly. It’s super easy to make. Keep reading to find out more!


Wood Block Calendar Supplies:


Step 1: Begin with wood block calendar set.


Step 2: Paint calendar base using chalky finish paint; set aside to dry.


Step 3: Find die that measures the same size as wooden blocks.


Step 4: Cut 12 squares from Core’dinations Tim Holtz Nostalgic Collection Kraft Core cardstock.


Step 5: Adhere squares to blocks using decoupage glue; sand using Core’dinations Sand-It Gadget.

*Tip: Core’dinations Tim Holtz Kraft Core Nostalgic Collection works great with wood products such as this. When sanded it gives a distressed look that matched perfectly.


Step  6: Die-cut two sets of numbers from Core’dinations Tim Holtz Nostalgic Collection Kraft Core  cardstock. Adhere to blocks and seal using decoupage medium. Note: One block should have the numbers 0,1,2,7,8,9 and the second block should have the numbers 1-6.


Step 7: Cut 3 pieces of Core’dinations Tim Holtz Nostalgic Collection Kraft Core cardstock the same width as month blocks. Wrap around block; adhere in place. Sand edges using Core’dinations Sand-It Gadget.  Attach alphabet stickers to spell all 12 months; sand as desired.


Step 8:  Coat painted base with creme wax according to mfg instructions.


Step 9: Reassemble calendar and there you have it!



If red/blue isn’t your color of choice it can easily be changed to match any decor. You can also drill a small hole in the top and make it dual-use as a note/photo holder!!




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