The Countdown to Christmas Continues….

December 14, 2009 by  
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Next up in our Countdown To Christmas is Linda Beeson. Make sure you scroll down for the GORGEOUS ornament she made for this Holiday season!

1. What is your most treasured Holiday memory? I think my most cherished memory is the year that my sister was to receive a rather large, stuffed kitty cat that she really wanted. My parents had it hidden at the neighbors and so the whole revealing of the gift was so neat and fun.
2Do you have any special Holiday traditions that are unique to you and your family? Our family has a rather new tradition now that our kids are all grown. We take a mini trip together somewhere about a week before Christmas. We take a day or two and all of us go somewhere we can drive to. We have created the most amazing memories with these times together. We don’t get the adults gifts, the trip is our gift to each other.
3.  What kind of {scrapbooking} projects are you creating this year for this Holiday Season? So far, I haven’t gotten very far but I am thinking of something in the line of a mini album or two.

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