Happy 2015 Champagne Bottle Tag

Hi friends!  It’s Joy from Joy’s Life here, sharing a quick and easy tag with you!

 2015ChampagneTagJoysLife copy

2015 Champagne Bottle Tag Supplies:

2015 Champagne Bottle Tag by Joy from JoysLife.com #joyslife #coredinations

Step 1. This tag is super simple!  Cut a piece of Core’dinations Silver Glitter Silk cardstock to 3-1/2″ x 5-3/4″.

2015 Champagne Bottle Tag by Joy from JoysLife.com #joyslife #coredinations

 Step 2. Using a 1-1/2″ round paper punch, punch a hole at the top middle of the tag.  Optional: To add some interest to the edges, use a decorative punch on both ends.

2015 Champagne Bottle Tag by Joy from JoysLife.com #joyslife #coredinations


Step 3: Using a bone folder, score the tag at 2-1/2″, or at the best place so that it bends nicely on your specific bottle type.

Step 4: Add numbers for the year.  You can use whatever you have on hand or create them from Core’dinations Glitter Silk cardstock.

2015ChampagneTagJoysLife copy

Now it’s all ready for gift giving!  Simply write to and from on the back of the tag and you’re good to go!

Happy 2015!  I hope you enjoyed this project!  When I’m not here you can find me at JoysLife.com!



Winter Wishes Card

Tami Mayberry here with you today to share a simple card that will add some sparkle and shine to your Winter greetings.


Winter Wishes Card supplies:


Step 1: Form a 4.25 x 5.5-inch card from white cardstock.

Step 2: Cut a 4 x 5.25-inch piece from Reflecting Pool cardstock. Emboss with embossing folder; adhere to card front using Xtreme adhesive runner.

Step 3: Attach a vertical line of square Power Tabs to card front aligning with embossed pattern. Press Designer Foil onto tabs, carefully peel off foil sheet.

Step 4: Die-cut Paper Snowflake shape from Yacht Club Glitter Silk cardstock. Attach to card front as shown using Power tab.

Step 5: Thread twine through center of button; tie in a bow. Attach to center of snowflake using Power Tabs.

Step 6: Die-cut “WINTER” and “wishes” from Black Tie Glitter Silk cardstock; adhere to card front using MONO liquid glue.





Christmas Tree Advent Calendar with Tombow Adhesives

CoreHeaderSwap_Tombow copy

Hi there Core Fans!  It’s Joann with you today and with the Christmas season officially started I wanted to share with you a fun twist on the traditional Christmas Advent Calendar.  This week we are working with Tombow Adhesives and nothing works better for paper crafting project then their Mono Liquid Adhesive!  It dries quickly and man is it strong!



Here is a closer look at the detail on the tree topper:


And the base with all those drawers to hold some special treats:


Christmas Snow Globe Supplies:


To make this project follow these steps.

Step 1: Identify the parts and cut the quantities needed. You will need Base (1) and Reinforcing Base (1).  Pole (1), Tree Wedges (6), Tree Topper Shapes (6) and finally Shelf shapes (6 of each of the 4 sizes).


Step 2: Fold each shelf shape inward on all perforations. Apply glue to the long side tab. Overlap straight edge of opposite side, align edge exactly at perforation fold and apply pressure until glue is secure.  Repeat this step for all 24 shelf shapes. Organize six sets of shelf sizes 1-4. Note that each size shelf shape has the “level” number cut out from the side flange.


Step 3:  Organize six sets of shelf sizes 1-4. Note that each size shelf shape has the “level” number cut out from the side flange.


Step 4:  Arrange so that decorative front edge is on TOP. Apply glue to the UPPER surface of the largest (shelf 1). Align the next level shelf (2) exactly over shelf 1 and hold in place until glue is secure. Apply pressure to the entire areas to be glued by moving fingers around, front to back, sides, etc. “Perfect” alignment and precision adhesion at edges will help with the final product.  Repeat until all four shelves in a set are attached in this way.  Repeat until all six stacks are completed.


Step 5:  Fold one tree wedge shape with inward folds up “spine”.  Fold bottom tabs inward, too.

Apply glue to one side of the stack and position with back corner aligning with corresponding spine perforation. Once the first side is secure, open tree shape, apply glue to the second stack side, re-wrap tree and repeat alignment and securing process.

Fold the post on all perforations as inward (“mountain”) folds. Position the long tab edge under the opposite straight edge. Apply glue to the tab, overlap edge to perforation exactly, hold in place until glue is secure. It will help to insert a long dowel or equivalent inside to provide a “push-against” surface while the glue is curing. Move fingers along the top surface to ensure even adhesion and accurate gluing.


Step 6:  Insert tab end of pole through hexagon hole from face side slotted base shape. Fold pole tabs outward. Slide so tabs are flush with backside surface. Apply glue to tabs and secure in place. Next apply glue to bottom of wedge with stack assembly. Position on base shape and slide tabs through base slots. Pull tabs through to backside completely. Apply adhesive to INSIDE surface of each tab, then fold toward center and hold until secure. Separate the tree spine area and the pole as much as possible to apply glue to spine. Realign and apply pressure until secure.  It will help to insert the dowel or other tool into the pole so that pressure can be applied to help stack attach securely.


Step 7: Once the first stack is secured, repeat step 6 for the remaining 5 stacks.


Step 8: Identify the four sizes of drawer shapes (each has a different symbol punched into the back center tab).  Fold each drawer shape on all perforations as inward folds. NOTE that this includes the tiny triangle tab at the center back.  Apply glue to the folds to form the drawer holding each fold until it is secure.  Repeat for all 24 drawers.


Step 9: Prepare the tree topper shapes by folding inward at center fold, folding narrow tabs outward. Also fold the bottom tabs back.  Apply glue to all tabs. Position the topper shape in between tree sides near top of assembly. Push into place so that back tabs attach to the spine area. Push bottom tabs into place so that they attach to top of shelf shape. Adjust sides so that space between each flange of tree is about the same.  To help tabs attach, it may be helpful to use the side of a thin credit card to push into the narrow spaces until glue is secure.


Step 10: Identify shapes for the “25″ topper and gut them out of an assortment of glitter papers. I cut all the pieces 2 times so that the same color was on both sides. Attach all shapes together including the numbers. Once completed slide the stem into top of pole opening.  Also cut drawer fronts out of your favorite Core paper to “Core Up” your project.


Step 11: Sand your drawer fronts before you attach them to the drawers.


Place something into each drawer, and enjoy the fun as your favorite little people enjoy the anticipation of Christmas with something to do, eat, or experience each day!

Thanks for stopping by for a peek… Have a wonderful day my crafty friends and we will have more Tombow projects for you this week.


Mini Wreath Garland

I love how with every changing season, my mantel seems to scream for a new garland or banner, and Christmas is no exception. When I saw these little mini wreaths, I knew they’d make a fabulously cute garland for Christmas, so I snatched them up, and I’ve been so excited to make this up.

It’s really a simple concept, but a glittery bow from the Core’dinations Glitter Silk card stock really shines and is the hero of this garland. Let’s make it together!


Mini Wreath Garland Supplies:

Mini Wreath Garland | Mabey She Made It


Step 1: Cut bow pieces from the Red Flash card stock using an electronic cutter or scissors. The bow I used has two loopy pieces and a tail piece.Mini Wreath Garland | Mabey She Made It

Step 2: Assemble bows using glue dots. Tie a bow around the middle using linen thread.


Step 3: Tie mini wreaths together using the linen thread.Mini Wreath Garland | Mabey She Made It

Step 4: Hot glue the bows to the mini wreaths.

Mini Wreath Garland | Mabey She Made It

Step 5: Loop gold ribbon through the end wreaths, and hang it up!


It’s a simple concept, but I love how they look all lined up and how the glittery bow jumps out and steals the show. Christmas can come anytime now!



Embossed Glitter Silk Card

Embossing your Glitter Silk Cardstock is a great way to add interest to your projects. With it’s high quality, it embosses beautifully!


Embossed Glitter Silk Card Supplies:

Step 1. Make card base from cardstock.

Step 2. Emboss Tim Holtz Kraft-Core Nostalgic Collection No.11 using Dots embossing folder and cover the front of the card. Add strip of lace diagonally. Cut panel using Kraft side of Kraft-Core diagonally and adhere to card.

Step 3. Cut a panel of Glitter Silk Bermuda Bling, emboss using Stars embossing folder and sand using Sand-It Gadget.

Step 4. Stitch border and attach to card. Add ribbon across card. Stamp sentiment onto White 110lb Cardstock Smooth and trim ‘V’ shape in one end, attach to card using foam pads.

Step 5. Add twine, flower, sequin and stars to finish.


Glitter Silk Keepsake Box

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I love glitter, but it can be such a mess to craft with sometimes.  For items meant to be handled, like this keepsake box, it can rub off and get onto, well, everything!  Today I’m going to show you how you can get the sparkle of glitter accents without all the mess by using Core’dinations Glitter Silk cardstock!


Glitter Silk Keepsake Box Supplies:

  • Glitter Silk Cardstock - I used the Bronzed color
  • Paper Trimmer or scissors
  • Coordinating Paint
  • Mod Podge
  • Paintbrush
  • Darice Wooden Hinged Box (and small screwdriver, if it has hardware)
  • Embellishments (I used glitter, Washi Tape and floral accents)
  • Adhesives (I used Zip Dry scrapbook glue)

Glitter Keepsake Box

Step 1. Remove any hardware from your box, and set it aside.  Taking it off is much easier that trying to trim and decorate around it.  Paint any areas of your box that you don’t plan to cover with cardstock.  Allow it to fully dry before continuing.

Glitter Keepsake Box

Step 2. Trim your cardstock to fit the areas of your box you want to cover.  Using a paper trimmer is the best way to keep nice, straight lines, but you can also trace the shape of the box and cut carefully with scissors.  I cut pieces for the top, and both the lid and the base on the front of the box.

Glitter Keepsake Box

Step 3.  Apply Mod Podge to the back side of the cardstock with a paintbrush.  Be sure to get all the way to the edges.  Allow it to rest for about 30 seconds, to soak into your paper.  You may notice that the paper begins to curl slightly – this is normal.

Glitter Keepsake Box

Step 4.  Adhere your pieces of card stock to your box.  Once it’s positioned correctly and all edges are stuck down securely, paint a layer of Mod Podge over the whole box.  While it’s technically only necessary to add the outer coat to the portions you applied paper to, if there are other painted areas, your finish won’t match exactly if you don’t brush a light coat of Mod Podge onto them, too.

Glitter Keepsake Box

Step 5: Allow your box to fully dry, and then re-install any hardware that you removed.

Step 6: Embellish as you like!  I added a stripe of gold glitter washi tape around the bottom portion of the box, cut and scored a few leaves from my scraps, and added a coordinating flower to the top.

Glitter Keepsake Box

As soon as it’s dry, it’s ready for you to give as a gift, or add to your decor – with no stray glitter!


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